Tinker Study Database

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Welcome to the Tinker Study Database


The Tinker Study Database (TS) is part of the Tinkers United (TU) website. It contains genealogical details of Tinker families throughout the world.

The details in this database are based on both public and private sources, together with the information supplied by fellow researchers around the world and I freely acknowledge their contribution.

This database does not contain all the information I have on these families so please feel free to contact me if you require further details. You can also contact me if you have comments, alterations or additional information on any of the families.

At present the whole website is undergoing a complete overhaul because of a change in its underlying software. Consequently although the essential details are correct a small number of the citations, sources and descriptions may not be.

Navigation is by the buttons above which, hopefully, are self-explanatory.

This database does not include living or potentially living subjects.